• July 1969
July 1969
Established as Building Industry Pension Fund, a contributory pension scheme for Journeyman (skilled labour) under the administration of Building Industry Trust (BIT) where a pro-rated cost structure prevailed.
  • August 1983
August 1983
The rules of the Fund were amended to make the scheme open to all the designated trades of the industry and became compulsory to all designated trades.
  • July 1988
July 1988
Changes from Building Industry Pension Fund to Construction Industry Pension Fund
  • October 1993
October 1993
Changed Administration office for St Barbara House to Construction House.
  • July 1996
July 1996
The rules of the Fund were amended for employers to have an additional contribution towards creation of an in service death fund for self-insuring the Fund against in service death claims, this was discontinued in December 1998.
  • January 2007
January 2007
Direct administration of the fund commenced and the fund began bearing its own administration cost which were previously borne by CIT and being prorated on recovery from the Fund.
  • February 2009
February 2009
Dollarisation of the economy resulting in conversion of benefits from $ZW to $US.
  • March 2011
March 2011
The fund had the first ever HIV and AIDS awareness campaign as a risk management measure emanating from the increase in the number of death benefit claims.
  • April 2011
April 2011
Separation of the Board of Trustees from Construction Industry Trust to have own Board of Trustees of Construction Industry Pension Fund.

About us

The Construction Industry Pension is a successor to the Building Industry Pension Fund which was established on the 1 st of July 1969.