The Fund is committed to providing high standards of service delivery to all of its tenants. We aim:

  • To be open, honest and easy to deal with;
  • Take the views of our tenants on our service delivery and products which are very important to us; and
  • Commit ourselves to meeting set standards.

Standards of Service Delivery

Contractual Obligations of the Landlord
We will fully discharge our contractual obligations and manage our Properties in accordance with good practice.
In particular you can expect us to:

  • Maintain the property;
  • Ensure the property remain safe and secure and deal with other tenants who are causing a problem or who are violating the       terms and conditions of their lease;
  • Provide notifications in writing when the property is being transferred to a new owner or when other changes are made that       potentially affect the tenant; and
  • Make or pay for necessary repairs and recover the costs from tenants.

Contractual Obligations of the Tenants

  • As per the Lease Agreement

General Landlord Rights
In addition to the above obligations, landlords typically retain the following rights;

  • To receive rents and operating costs as agreed
  • To inspect the property during specific hours and under certain circumstances subject to prior arrangements with the tenant.
  • To review rentals as per market benchmarking.

We commit to:

  • Answer all telephone calls presented to us during our office hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
  • Have our caretakers & security officers on standby always to assist with emergencies outside working hours
  • Respond to e-mail messages within one working day of receipt.
  • Reply to letters within two working days of receipt.
  • Answer web- based enquiries within one working day of receipt.

We will endeavor to

  • Conduct new tenant induction.
  • Deliver our services in a friendly and inclusive manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Continuously find new and better ways of delivering our service.
  • Treat all tenants equally and without discrimination.
  • Treat all tenants with courtesy and professionalism.
  • Deal with your requests, enquiries and concerns promptly.
  • Give you clear, accurate and helpful information.
  • To provide safe parking bays to tenants.

About us

The Construction Industry Pension is a successor to the Building Industry Pension Fund which was established on the 1 st of July 1969.